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Senior Services helps seniors live independently for as long as possible
Fairbanks Resource Agency Senior Services is dedicated to helping our elders have a quality life as they age in place in their own home.

Adult Day Center

After Mary’s dad passed away, Mary promised her mother that she would help her continue to live in her own home. About a year ago Mary began to wonder if she could keep her promise. Her mother had started to forget how to do even the simplest tasks, like making coffee, and she seemed lonely.

Together Mary and her mother, Lily, visited Fairbanks Resource Agency’s Adult Day Center. Now, Lily goes to the Center five days a week. She’s made new friends and with the help of staff is enjoying her favorite activities like gardening, playing cards, and attending community events. “The Center is such a bright spot in my mom’s day,” Mary related. “We’re really lucky to have such caring people in our lives.”

Families can count on the FRA Adult Day Center to provide a positive and supportive environment for individuals who benefit from a safe and secure setting that offers both therapeutic and social activities.  Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD), as well as those over 60 years of age who experience other frail and disabling conditions, can participate in a group setting where activities keep individuals engaged, encouraged, and positive.

Other supports offered by FRA Senior Services

Many seniors benefit from Chore Services, such as light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and grocery shopping. With these kinds of supports, many seniors can remain in their own home, and friends and family have the comfort of knowing their loved one is receiving much-needed support.

Other families who have an elder living with them rely on Respite Care Services so they can leave the home knowing caring staff are there to provide support while they are away.

Caring for a senior with a disabling condition often means 24-hour a day support. Families can look to The National Family Caregiver Support Program which connects them to services that could improve the quality of life for both the caregiver and the senior receiving the care.

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Established in 1967, Fairbanks Resource Agency (FRA) is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supportive services, housing, referrals, employment and information for individuals who experience a disability. The goal of FRA is to assist individuals, and their family or caregiver, to achieve their highest potential where they live, learn and work.

Over the years, programs for individuals with disabilities have grown with the Fairbanks community and Interior Alaska. FRA provides accessible, effective services that support the dignity and independence of children, adolescents and adults with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) or other complex behaviors, adults with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia and seniors experiencing frail or disabling conditions.

As one of the largest private employers based in Fairbanks Alaska, FRA employs approximately 400 qualified employees, 25% of whom are individuals with disabilities. Most importantly, FRA staff are dedicated to providing supports that enhance the lives to over 600 individuals and their families or guardian ranging in age from infants to senior adults.

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