FRA Spud Buggy


Potatoes, Carrots and Other Vegetables… We Deliver ‘Em Fresh to Your Doorstep!

Local restaurants, eateries, caterers, diners… you can contract with Spud Buggy to prepare Grade-A potatoes, carrots, green beans or vegetables for use in your food business or fundraising event. Spud Buggy can also pre-wrap potatoes in aluminum foil saving you and your employees’ valuable time and money!

Let us know what vegetables you need and we’ll deliver the finished product to you, saving you more valuable time and money! SERVICES include:

  • Clean, foil-wrapped, U.S. Grade A potatoes
  • Food preparation in our Department of Health Certified kitchen
  • Vegetables are prepared Grade A and ready for your industrial ovens
  • Competitive pricing
Information and our location:

Employment Services / Spud Buggy
PH: 907.456.8901

FRA Owned Businesses generate revenue to support FRA’s mission and create jobs for individuals with disabilities.

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