How you can help


“Your support enables FRA to provide vital programs that ensure people with disabilities can live, work and enjoy their lives with independence.

FRA has a proven track record of compassion, excellent service and professionalism. We serve more than 650 children, youth, adults and seniors who experience a disability and their family or caregiver. Although we receive government funding, these monies are not enough to cover the costs for the array of programs and services that we provide. An example of services include:

  • Supplies for activities in the Senior Services Adult Day Center and the Family Services Discovery Center
  • A parent, caregiver educational library
  • Assistance for clients immediate needs
  • Maintenance on FRA residential houses and transportation vehicles
  • Social, educational and community events for participants
How you can help:

To ensure that these and Our Services continue well into the future, here are some of the many ways you can help:


Community Development Office
PH: 907.456.8901

FRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a member agency of the United Way of the Tanana Valley. EIN/TIN is 920035250. Contributors receive an acknowledgment letter that can be used for tax purposes.