Care Coordination

Care Coordination assists individuals with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and complex behavioral health needs who have a Medicaid Waiver. Care Coordination services begin with a comprehensive service evaluation that lays the groundwork for coordinating care.

Once the plan for services is in place, Care Coordinators help the family caregiver or guardian implement and monitor the plan of care. Having a Medicaid waiver means the state of Alaska has agreed to pay for disability services delivered as part of an approved plan of care.

Care Coordination includes:

  • Annual assessment of the level of care needed
  • Developing a written plan of care that details the types and amount of support to be provided during the year
  • Coordinating formal and informal sources of support
  • Monitoring services to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality
  • Conducting case reviews to assess progress
  • Crisis intervention
  • Advocacy
  • Family/ guardian support and problem solving
  • Help people gain access to other services, opportunities and resources as needed to assist them in achieving their personal goals